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Eric Bischoff SHOOTS on Tony Khan and gets heated response online

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to fiery exchanges, and the latest Twitter spat between Eric Bischoff, a veteran wrestling personality, and Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is no exception.

This heated debate, sparked by a comment on Cagematch ratings, has caught the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

The Trigger: Cagematch Ratings Comment from Tony Khan

The controversy began when the USA Network tweeted about Cagematch’s ratings, which seemed to trigger Khan.

In a defensive stance, Khan took to Twitter to protect his booking decisions and AEW, while simultaneously throwing a jab at wrestler Jinder Mahal.

This tweet led to a flurry of reactions online, with fans and critics alike chiming in with their opinions.

Eric Bischoff: Intervention and Khan’s Retort

Eric Bischoff, known for his outspoken nature, entered the fray by questioning the validity of a fan’s tweet that criticised Khan’s decision-making.

Khan was quick to respond, clarifying the situation regarding wrestler Abadon’s title shot and emphasizing the differences with Jinder Mahal’s scenario.

Khan’s reply, sharp and to the point, suggested that Bischoff should pay more attention to reading details.

The Escalation of the Twitter War

Bischoff, undeterred, responded to Khan with a reference to a quote by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, insinuating that Khan was borrowing Meltzer’s style of comebacks.

This exchange highlights the ongoing tension between Bischoff and Khan, with both parties standing firm in their perspectives.

As the wrestling community watches this drama unfold, it’s clear that this Twitter battle is more than just a war of words; it’s a reflection of the passionate and often polarizing world of professional wrestling.


  • What started the Twitter feud between Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan?
    • The feud started over a tweet by the USA Network about Cagematch ratings, which led to Tony Khan defending his booking decisions in AEW.
  • What was Eric Bischoff’s main criticism of Tony Khan?
    • Bischoff questioned Khan’s decision-making regarding wrestler Abadon’s title shot, comparing it to Jinder Mahal’s situation in WWE.
  • How did Tony Khan respond to Eric Bischoff’s comments?
    • Khan responded by clarifying the circumstances around Abadon’s title shot and suggesting that Bischoff should improve his reading comprehension.
  • Has this Twitter feud been resolved?
    • As of now, the feud has not been resolved, with both parties standing firm in their positions.
  • What does this feud reflect about the professional wrestling industry?
    • This feud reflects the passionate and often divisive nature of the professional wrestling industry, where personalities and booking decisions frequently come under scrutiny.
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