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WCW Legend claims that Tony Khan made a “complete jacka**” of himself on Twitter/X

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WCW icon Eric Bischoff has openly criticised All Elite Wrestling (AEW) President Tony Khan for his conduct on social media.

Bischoff, known for his straightforward opinions, did not mince words when he described Khan’s behaviour as making a “complete jacka**” of himself on Twitter.

AEW News: Eric Bischoff’s Candid Take on Tony Khan’s Social Media Antics

Bischoff, who has been a significant figure in the wrestling industry, particularly during the 1990s with WCW, expressed his views on his podcast, 83 Weeks.

He highlighted that while he generally supports Khan and appreciates his passion for wrestling, he believes Khan’s approach on social media, especially Twitter, is not befitting of his position.

Bischoff pointed out that Khan’s frequent Twitter spats and controversial statements could be detrimental to AEW’s image. He emphasised the importance of maintaining a professional demeanour, especially for someone in Khan’s leadership role as well as looking at recent comments by Dax Harwood: “I mean, let’s see where Dax is in his career; he’s got to say these things. He’s out there promoting his company and he’s defending his company. Dax’s boss made a complete jackass of himself on social media during the week previous to this appearance. So I get it, because what else is Dax going to do if he doesn’t have a gig in AEW?”

Bischoff’s critique comes from a place of experience, having navigated the complex world of wrestling promotions for decades.

AEW News: The Impact of Social Media on Wrestling Promotions

Tony Khan, who founded AEW in 2019, has been a vocal presence on social media, often engaging directly with fans and critics alike.

While this approach has endeared him to many AEW supporters, it has also opened the door for criticism, as noted by Bischoff.

The wrestling industry, like many others, has been significantly impacted by the rise of social media. It has become a powerful tool for promotion, fan engagement, and brand building.

However, as Bischoff’s comments suggest, there is a fine line between engaging and potentially harming a brand’s image.


  • Who is Eric Bischoff? Eric Bischoff is a well-known figure in the wrestling industry, particularly famous for his time with WCW in the 1990s.
  • What did Eric Bischoff say about Tony Khan? Bischoff criticised AEW President Tony Khan for making a “complete jacka**” of himself on Twitter, questioning the professionalism of his social media conduct.
  • Why is Tony Khan’s social media activity controversial? Khan’s direct engagement with fans and critics on Twitter, while popular with some, is seen by others as unprofessional for someone in his position.
  • What is the significance of Bischoff’s comments? Bischoff’s comments highlight the importance of professional conduct on social media for individuals in high-profile positions, especially in the public-facing world of wrestling promotions.
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