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Former WWE writer says CM Punk was ‘A D**K’ to him

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Freddie Prinze Jr. is not a fan of CM Punk’s recent behaviour.

The former AEW Champion was recently released from the company. This came after Punk reportedly lunged at Tony Khan in addition to his altercation with Jack Perry at the ALL IN event in London.

This wasn’t the first time Punk had shown unhinged behaviour, however, and he had been involved in multiple controversies over the course of his AEW career. The list of people he had problems with included not only The Elite but names such as William Regal and Jon Moxley as well.

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Freddie Prinze Jr wants CM Punk to take responsibility

Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about Punk’s issues on the latest episode of Wrestling With Freddie (H/t He explained that it’s really hard to piss people off and at some point, CM Punk has to take responsibility for his action:

“A lot of people end up in a similar situation every single time because they keep behaving a certain way that turns people off. It’s really hard to piss people off. It’s really easy to make them feel good. At a certain point, I think you have to turn that finger towards yourself and say, ‘Okay, what is it about me? What am I doing wrong'”

The former WWE writer also detailed his experience of working with the wrestling star under one roof. He claimed that Punk was not nice to him despite never working together:

“He wasn’t a nice guy to me and it would have been easy to be nice to me, and instead he would just blow me off every time I walked by when I worked there, and I was never going to work with him because he didn’t need my help. So I was always like, why are you going out of your way to be a d*ck to me if you and I are never going to work together? Ever, ever.”

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