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FTR compare Triple H and Tony Khan

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AEW stars FTR recently discussed the differences between Triple H and Tony Khan, with the tag team having worked under both.

Speaking to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the duo compared the former head of NXT and the owner and President of AEW.

“Yeah, thinking about it now, the comparisons really aren’t too different, the presentation is different obviously. Hunter, especially in his time as a guy in the office, he was suited all the time, you almost always saw him dressed up, ready to go, looked like he was going to work on Wall Street” Cash Wheeler revealed.

“Tony [Khan] dresses like a guy who wants to be comfortable and happy. He can dress up and look great in a suit or wear whatever he feels comfortable in and his energy is just out there, he’s so open and like Dax will say, he makes time” Wheeler added.

FTR on Triple H and Tony Khan

“I think the main difference would just be how much Tony wants to involve everybody in their own stuff, cause a lot of times I think it’s just a WWE-type thing where it’s just more of, you get some input but it’s more of, ‘All right here’s the storyline, where we’re going, here’s what we need, and here’s where we have some wiggle room,'” the former NXT Tag Team Champion Wheeler revealed.

“Whereas Tony’s like, ‘All right, let’s hammer out some ideas, what are you guys thinking?’ And then you say something, it triggers an idea in his brain, and he gets all excited, you can see him light up, and you can see him start firing off ideas like oh wow, that’s quick.

“So I think it’s more just the presentation; the work ethic, that’s the same, they’re passionate about their employees and their people and their talent, but it’s just the approach is a little bit different.

“Other than that, it’s not that different. Both guys want the best out of what they’re doing and the people they’re working with and that’s all you can really ask for” the FTR member concluded.

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