Hiroshi Tanahashi says AEW Forbidden Door match will be ‘wild’

Hiroshi Tanahashi Forbidden Door AEW

Image Courtesy AEW

Hiroshi Tanahashi is set to challenge Jon Moxley to determine the AEW Interim Champion at the Forbidden Door PPV event this Sunday.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Tanahashi discussed his upcoming match and he said that it would be “wild.”

“I will be the star of Forbidden Door. I mean, I did think of the name after all. When I first used the term, it was three years ago, and AEW had really only just gotten started” Tanahashi began.

“I don’t think anyone really knew how they would develop, but they had some great talent behind them, and I knew we would be onto something great if we crossed over.

“So coining that phrase, it was my way of putting things into the universe” the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion added.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Jon Moxley

“If it’s up to him, this will get wild. But I’m expecting that” Tanahashi noted, discussing his Forbidden Door opponent Moxley.

“I can fight fire with fire. He’s a good bit bigger than me, and he has a reputation for being a street fighter.

But he’s really precise with every little thing he does. Moxley rarely makes mistakes, and I respect that about him” Tanahashi concluded.

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