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AEW stars REACT to backstage reports on ‘politics’

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The world of professional wrestling is often as dramatic behind the scenes as it is in the ring. Recently, the AEW’s House of Black has found itself at the centre of backstage controversy, leading to a vocal response from its members.

Brody King, a prominent member of the House of Black, recently addressed rumours surrounding the group’s recent Steel Cage Elimination match on AEW Collision.

Speculation had been rife that the match’s escape stipulation was added to protect the group from taking pins. King, however, dismissed these claims on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), emphasising that the match format and stipulation were pre-determined and not influenced by the group’s preferences.

He criticised the tendency of opinions to be accepted as facts, especially when they come from long-time wrestling observers.

AEW News: Buddy Matthews’ Perspective

Buddy Matthews, another key figure in the House of Black, also took to X to express his views. He humorously critiqued wrestling historian Dave Meltzer’s opinion, pointing out the lack of research behind it.

Matthews highlighted his own win/loss record in AEW, which stands at two wins and seven losses over two years, to underscore the baselessness of the backstage politics rumours.

He also noted that contrary to the speculation, Malakai Black, another member of the group, has only been pinned once in a singles match since joining AEW.

AEW News: The Reality of Wrestling Politics

The situation sheds light on the complex nature of wrestling politics and how easily perceptions can be formed and spread.

It also highlights the challenges wrestlers face in navigating the narrative that surrounds their in-ring performances and backstage dynamics.


  • What was the controversy surrounding the House of Black? The controversy involved rumors that the escape stipulation in their Steel Cage Elimination match was added to avoid taking pins.
  • How did Brody King respond to the rumors? King refuted the rumors on X, stating that the match format was always planned and not influenced by the group.
  • What did Buddy Matthews say about the situation? Matthews criticized the lack of research behind the rumors and highlighted his own win/loss record to refute claims of backstage politics.
  • What does this situation reveal about wrestling politics? It reveals the complexity and the ease with which perceptions can be formed, often based on speculation rather than facts.
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