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WWE Legend comments on Jack Perry RIPPING UP AEW contract on NJPW programming

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In a recent development that has sent ripples through the wrestling world, Jack Perry, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), made a dramatic gesture by tearing up his AEW contract during a New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) event, ‘Battle in the Valley’.

This act of defiance caught the attention of the wrestling community, including WWE legend Bully Ray, who shared his thoughts on the incident.

AEW News: The Significance of Perry’s Actions

Jack Perry’s return to wrestling at the NJPW event was marked by an unexpected and bold move. After attacking Shota Umino, Perry proceeded to rip up his AEW contract in front of a stunned audience.

This act was not just a physical tearing of paper but symbolised a deep-seated discontent with AEW. Bully Ray, speaking on the Busted Open Radio podcast, highlighted the symbolic nature of Perry’s actions, emphasizing the message it sent about his current feelings towards AEW.

Bully Ray’s Perspective

Bully Ray, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling industry, expressed a mix of intrigue and caution regarding Perry’s dramatic gesture.

He acknowledged the symbolic significance of tearing up the contract but also pointed out the legal reality that Perry remains bound to AEW.

Ray’s comments reflect a broader curiosity in the wrestling community about the implications of Perry’s actions and his future in the industry.

AEW News: The Future of Jack Perry

The wrestling world is now abuzz with speculation about what lies ahead for Jack Perry.

His actions at the NJPW event have opened up a myriad of possibilities, raising questions about his career trajectory and his relationship with AEW.

Fans and experts alike are keenly watching to see how this situation unfolds and what it means for Perry’s career.


  • What did Jack Perry do at the NJPW event?
    • Jack Perry attacked Shota Umino and then ripped up his AEW contract.
  • What was Bully Ray’s reaction to Perry’s actions?
    • Bully Ray acknowledged the symbolic nature of Perry ripping up his contract and expressed curiosity about the reasons behind it.
  • Does Perry’s action mean he is leaving AEW?
    • While Perry symbolically tore up his contract, the legal status of his agreement with AEW remains unchanged.
  • What could be the implications of Perry’s actions for his career?
    • Perry’s actions have sparked speculation about his future in wrestling and his relationship with AEW.
  • Was Perry’s gesture at the NJPW event planned?
    • The details about whether Perry’s actions were pre-planned or spontaneous remain unclear.
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