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Japanese Deathmatch legend Onita ‘challenges’ Jon Moxley

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Japanese wrestling legend and master of the exploding deathmatch Atsushi Onita has made some interesting comments regarding AEW’s Jon Moxley.

Moxley and Kenny Omega of course had an exploding barbed wire deathmatch back at AEW Revolution, where Jon Moxley would make his entrance to the old theme tune of Atsushi, The Troggs’ Wild Thing (although Onita used a cover version by X usually).

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega unfortunately ended in a dud when the explosion at the end of the match happened and some minor fireworks went off. Onita would actually say that he feels responsible for the production.

Onita vs Jon Moxley

“I want to show American fans my original explosion match” Onita said in an interview with Colette Arrand of Fanbyte. “I sometimes feel like I have to. American deathmatch fans have been disappointed twice, first with the explosion deathmatch CZW held in 2017, and secondly AEW’s.”

“At the time of the CZW show, maybe because of costs, CZW said ‘we don’t need Japanese engineers, don’t worry, leave it to us,’ and I believed them” Onita continued.

“I sent a cheering message to Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, but AEW did the preparations for their explosion match on their own, and I wasn’t involved at all. However, I was disappointed that the fans were disappointed, and I felt responsible,” Onita would conclude discussing the match.

“I was disappointed that the fans were disappointed, and I felt responsible”

Atsushi Onita

Atsushi would however finish by making somewhat of a challenge to Jon Moxley, saying “Jon Moxley uses my theme music? Thank you, Moxley. I think if he has a spirit of JADO (evil ways), we might stand in the same ring some day. It would be interesting, wouldn’t it?”

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