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Jeff Hardy takes a SHOT at AEW creative

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In a recent development that has stirred the professional wrestling community, Jeff Hardy, one-half of the iconic Hardy Boyz, has expressed dissatisfaction with All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) handling of their team.

This critique comes amidst AEW’s struggle to effectively utilise its extensive roster within its five-hour weekly programming.

Jeff Hardy: Discontent with AEW Booking

Jeff Hardy, alongside his brother Matt, joined AEW not as a duo but at different times. Despite their reunion in AEW and their status as a team, Jeff has hinted at his displeasure with how AEW’s President, Tony Khan, is managing their appearances.

The Hardys, renowned for their high-flying and risk-taking style, have been a staple in tag team wrestling for decades, earning them a potential spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

However, their current run in AEW hasn’t seen them in the spotlight as much as fans might have expected.

The Hardys: Stuck in “AEW Rampage” Dimension

The crux of Hardy’s frustration became apparent when he posted a since-deleted graphic of the AEW Dynamite card with a caption that subtly conveyed his feelings.

He noted that “TheHardys” would not appear on the live show, indicating they are confined to “AEWRampage.”

This distinction between the shows suggests a lack of significant live event exposure for the team, which could be seen as underutilizing their star power and legacy.

Future of Jeff Hardy and The Hardy Boyz in AEW

The situation raises questions about the future direction of the Hardy Boyz in AEW. While they continue to compete on television, the absence of major live event spots is noticeable.

This scenario also reflects the broader challenges AEW faces in balancing its expansive roster, ensuring that established stars like the Hardys get their due while promoting new talent.


  • What is Jeff Hardy’s issue with AEW? Jeff Hardy is unhappy with how AEW is booking The Hardy Boyz, feeling they are underutilized, particularly in live events.
  • Are the Hardy Boyz still wrestling in AEW? Yes, they are still wrestling in AEW but mainly appear on “AEWRampage” rather than the more prominent “AEWDynamite.”
  • Could this affect the Hardy Boyz’s future in AEW? It’s uncertain, but continued dissatisfaction could lead to changes in how AEW books them or even their status with the company.
  • Is this a common issue in AEW? Balancing a large roster is a challenge for AEW, and similar concerns have been raised by other wrestlers and critics.
  • What makes the Hardy Boyz significant in wrestling? The Hardy Boyz are known for their innovative and high-risk style, significantly influencing tag team wrestling and earning a potential spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.
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