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Jeff Hardy TEASES the return of TNA Wrestling gimmick in AEW

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In a move that has set the wrestling community abuzz, Jeff Hardy has dropped a significant hint about the return of his divisive Willow character, a persona that has been absent from the ring in recent years.

This tease comes ahead of his eagerly awaited match on AEW Dynamite, sparking speculation and excitement among fans and commentators alike.

The Willow Persona: A Brief Overview

Jeff Hardy, a name synonymous with innovation and charisma in professional wrestling, has donned many guises over his storied career.

However, none have been as enigmatic or as intriguing as Willow. Originating from his time in Impact Wrestling and also appearing in Ring of Honor and OMEGA, the promotion he ran with his brother Matt Hardy, Willow stands out as a character steeped in mystery and dark allure.

Despite a brief cameo in WWE, the persona has largely been associated with Hardy’s time outside the mainstream wrestling behemoth.

AEW News: A Cryptic Tease on Social Media

The speculation around the return of Willow was ignited by Hardy himself, through a cryptic video posted on his Instagram account. Dressed in attire reminiscent of the Willow character and employing the persona’s signature cryptic dialogue, Hardy teased fans with the possibility of Willow’s return in the context of his upcoming match against Jon Moxley on Dynamite. “Nothing comes to say, everything comes to pass. 1/31/2024 I am more than human. Moxley, Hardy, Dynamite? I can’t lose all the time, can I? The future awaits our fate,” Hardy mused in the video.

AEW News: Potential Impact on AEW

The reintroduction of the Willow character into AEW’s roster could herald a significant shift for Hardy within the promotion. Known for its willingness to embrace the creative visions of its talent, AEW could provide the perfect platform for Willow to thrive and evolve. Moreover, Hardy’s turn to a heel persona, as Willow, could inject fresh energy into storylines and rivalries, offering fans new and compelling narratives.

AEW News: Fan Reaction and Speculation

The tease has certainly captured the imagination of the wrestling world, with fans and pundits alike pondering the implications of Willow’s return. Hardy’s innovative approach to his characters and storylines has always been a draw, and the potential for new feuds and alliances within AEW has added an extra layer of anticipation to his upcoming appearances.


  • What is the Willow character?
    • Willow is one of Jeff Hardy’s wrestling personas, known for its enigmatic and dark presentation, originating from his time in Impact Wrestling and other promotions.
  • Did Jeff Hardy tease Willow’s return?
    • Yes, Jeff Hardy teased the return of his Willow character in a cryptic video posted on his Instagram, ahead of a match on AEW Dynamite.
  • Where has Willow appeared before?
    • Willow has appeared in Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and OMEGA, a promotion run by Jeff and Matt Hardy. There was also a brief cameo in WWE.
  • What could Willow’s return mean for AEW?
    • Willow’s return could introduce new storylines and rivalries, potentially revitalizing Hardy’s character within the promotion and offering fans fresh and engaging content.
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