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AEW star PRAISES Tony Khan for handling of CM Punk firing

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, the recent release of CM Punk from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been a topic of much discussion.

The manner in which AEW President Tony Khan addressed the situation has garnered praise from many within the industry, including AEW talent Jeff Jarrett.

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CM Punk Firing: Jeff Jarrett’s Take on the Situation

Jeff Jarrett, a seasoned professional in the wrestling world, recently shared his thoughts on the matter during an episode of My World.

He discussed the incident involving CM Punk’s physical altercation with Jack Perry at All In 2023, which led to Punk’s subsequent release from AEW.

Jarrett highlighted the swift and transparent manner in which Tony Khan addressed the situation. Khan made a public statement at AEW Collision in Chicago just hours after the announcement of Punk’s release.

This prompt response was seen by many as a testament to Khan’s leadership and his commitment to addressing issues head-on.

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The Reality of the Situation

Jarrett emphasised that while many may speculate or claim to have insights into the situation, only two individuals truly know the full context: Tony Khan and CM Punk (referred to as Phil). He stated, “Nobody knows but them two.”

He went on to commend Khan’s decision to confront the issue directly, saying it required “big cojones” to do so.

Jarrett pointed out that Khan could have taken various other routes, such as waiting for a few days or seeking a reconciliation.

However, Khan’s decision to immediately address all stakeholders – the social media audience, the television viewers, and the live audience at the United Center – was both brave and the right thing to do.

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Transparency is Key

Jarrett further elaborated on the importance of transparency in such situations. He mentioned that the release statement was as clear as it could be, given the legal implications.

He believed that his father, a veteran in the wrestling industry, would have agreed with Khan’s approach of getting ahead of the situation.

He concluded by saying that such transparency is beneficial for business. By informing the consumers promptly and clearly, AEW ensured that there were no lingering doubts or speculations. Jarrett firmly stated, “I just don’t think there are downsides to that.”

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