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Jim Cornette makes SENSATIONAL comments about AEW Full Gear match

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In the world of controversy in professional wrestling, few voices carry as much weight as Jim Cornette to fans of his podcasts.

Known for his unfiltered opinions and deep knowledge of the industry, Cornette recently turned his critical eye towards All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Full Gear event, particularly the Texas Death Match between Adam Page and Swerve Strickland.

His comments from The Jim Cornette Experience as always, have stirred up a significant buzz in the wrestling community.

Jim Cornette on The Controversial Texas Death Match

The match in question, a brutal and bloody affair, saw both Page and Strickland engage in a level of violence that left many fans and critics divided.

Cornette, never one to shy away from expressing his views, criticized the match’s extremity. He specifically highlighted a moment where Page drank Strickland’s blood, a stunt that Cornette believes could have serious repercussions for AEW, potentially even costing them a network deal:

“They [AEW] might have lost the TV network that they potentially might or might not have had off of that one. You f*cking idiot, he’s no better than the plumber or the f*cking bank-addicted drug robber. He got more hair [than Nick Gage], but that’s it, Page. Otherwise, he is just as demented and f*cking distasteful.”

Jim Cornette Critique: Violence and Realism in Wrestling

Cornette’s main contention with the match was not just the level of violence but the lack of realism that such acts portray.

He questioned the logic behind using a staple gun in a fight, arguing that it detracts from the authenticity of the wrestling match.

Cornette’s argument is rooted in the belief that professional wrestling, while choreographed, should maintain a semblance of realism to keep the audience invested.

The Impact on AEW’s Image and Audience

The implications of such a graphic display of violence go beyond just the match itself. Cornette suggested that this level of brutality could alienate certain segments of AEW’s audience, particularly female viewers.

Moreover, he expressed concerns about how such displays could affect AEW’s relationships with current and potential network partners, who might be hesitant to associate with content deemed excessively violent.


  • What was Jim Cornette’s main criticism of the AEW Full Gear match? Cornette criticized the extreme violence and lack of realism, particularly focusing on a moment where Adam Page drank Swerve Strickland’s blood.
  • Could the Texas Death Match affect AEW’s network deals? According to Cornette, the excessive violence and specific stunts like the blood-drinking could potentially harm AEW’s relationships with current and potential network partners.
  • What does this controversy say about the state of professional wrestling? It highlights the ongoing debate between entertainment value and the level of violence in wrestling, reflecting the diverse preferences of the wrestling audience.
  • Is Jim Cornette against all forms of violence in wrestling? Not necessarily. Cornette’s critique seems more focused on the realism and context of the violence rather than its mere presence.
  • Will AEW change its approach following these comments? It’s unclear. AEW has a history of pushing boundaries, but they may consider feedback from industry veterans like Cornette in their future planning.

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