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AEW star LAUGHS OFF criticism from Jim Cornette

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The latest episode in this ongoing drama about the Full Gear 2023 Deathmatch features AEW star Swerve Strickland and wrestling commentator Jim Cornette.

The bone of contention? Cornette’s critique of the Texas Death Match at AEW Full Gear 2023, specifically targeting Swerve Strickland’s performance.

Jim Cornette AEW Critique: A Focus on Logic Over Violence

Jim Cornette, a figure known for his outspoken views on the wrestling industry, directed his criticism not at the expected target—the level of violence in the match—but rather at the logic behind the actions of the wrestlers involved.

His comments, aired on the Jim Cornette Experience, questioned the rationale behind Hangman Page’s use of a staple gun during the match.

Cornette argued that the use of the staple gun in a less-than-lethal manner, such as stapling Swerve’s chest instead of using it as a blunt weapon, was illogical and detracted from the realism of the fight.

Swerve Strickland’s Response: Embracing the Criticism

In an era where social media plays a pivotal role in the narrative of professional wrestling, Swerve Strickland took to Twitter to respond to Cornette’s criticism.

His response was not one of anger or defensiveness, but rather a clever embrace of the critique. Strickland likened the criticism to telling children not to watch a new horror movie, implying that such warnings only serve to heighten interest and intrigue:

“It’s like telling kids there’s a new ins*ne horror movie out, don’t go see it! What’s the first thing they gonna do 😉”

The Impact of the AEW Texas Death Match

The Texas Death Match at AEW Full Gear 2023, regardless of the criticism, succeeded in what many wrestling bouts aim to achieve: it got people talking.

The match was a highlight for many fans, showcasing the physical prowess and storytelling abilities of the wrestlers involved.

Following the match, Swerve Strickland shared images on social media revealing the extent of the physical toll the match took on his body, scars that serve as a testament to the intensity and commitment of the wrestlers.


  • What was Jim Cornette’s criticism about?
    • Cornette criticised the logic behind Hangman Page’s use of a staple gun during the Texas Death Match, questioning why it wasn’t used more effectively as a weapon.
  • How did Swerve Strickland respond to the criticism?
    • Strickland responded on Twitter, likening the criticism to telling kids not to watch a horror movie, implying that such warnings only increase interest.
  • What was the significance of the Texas Death Match?
    • The match was a talking point for fans and showcased the physical and storytelling skills of the wrestlers, despite the criticism it received.
  • What does this incident reveal about professional wrestling?
    • It highlights that professional wrestling is a blend of athleticism, storytelling, and entertainment, where controversy and spectacle play significant roles in engaging audiences.
  • Did Swerve Strickland acknowledge the physical toll of the match?
    • Yes, he shared images on social media showing the scars and physical toll the match took on his body.
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