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Jim Ross reacts to ‘WWE Dynamite’ botch on this week’s AEW show

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WWE Hall of Famer and AEW Commentator Jim Ross made a minor error on this week’s episode of Dynamite that has blown up on the internet since the broadcast.

Jim Ross would accidently say ‘WWE Dynamite’ rather than ‘AEW Dynamite,’ which is a fair mistake as he worked for WWE for a lengthy amount of time.

The comment was made towards the end of the show, and sounded like it was more habitual than anything else. Although, Ross has worked for AEW for quite some time now, so fans lambasted the former WWE commentator for the mistake.

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‘Yep I apparently made an untimely error tonight at shows end” Jim Ross tweeted in reaction to the fan’s reaction to the botch. “No excuses. And I’m not quitting. [cowboy hat face emoji].”

Busted Open Radio host Dave LaGreca defended the AEW commentator, referring to him as the greatest play-by-play man of all time.

“Listen mistakes happen” LaGreca tweeted. “Believe me I’m sure ill make a ton tomorrow on the air my first day back from vacation. @JRsBBQ is a f**king legend. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.”

“Thx Dave. It’s all on me. No excuses” JR would reply to the SiriusXM host.

This isn’t the first time that the veteran commentator has made a mistake on AEW programming, however he remains a hugely important part of All Elite’s presentation, and he won’t be going anywhere for quite some time.

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