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Jon Moxley: “I f*cking love independent wrestling”

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AEW star Jon Moxley recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio and discussed his love for independent wrestling.

The former WWE Champion has been appearing on indie cards across the United States over the past few months and he explained why he continues to work smaller shows.

“One, I just love doing them. I f*cking love Independent wrestling” Moxley began. “I love the small building, 250 people packed into a small building atmosphere, I love that sh*t.

“To me, I can get the same feeling there as I get from a 20,000 seat packed arena. A lot of times, it’s better because in that environment, nobody is going to be pushing me for time or telling me I have to go home in three minutes or 40 seconds or I have one segment and a commercial break” the former AEW Champion continued.

“There’s no f*cking commercial breaks. It’s just wrestling. It’s fans in the building, lost in the moment, enjoying wrestling, and you can get lost in the moment too. That’s the drug I live for.

“Another reason is, the Indies got…I come from the Indies. I didn’t make sh*t on the Indies. Back then, it was different. I didn’t make f*cking dick. Now, folks can make actual money and there are more ways to make money with Twitter and these things and ways to monetize and a YouTube show and push your merchandise on Twitter” Moxley added.

Jon Moxley on Indie Wrestling

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