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Jon Moxley: AEW Star’s “Life or Death” Match with Former WWE Superstar

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Wheeler Yuta, a prominent figure in AEW, recently described his match with former WWE superstar Jon Moxley as a “life or death” situation.

This 18-minute bout, which took place on AEW Rampage, was not just another wrestling match for Yuta. Instead, it marked a significant turning point in his career.

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The Intensity of the Match

Yuta vividly remembers the intensity of the match, stating that there were moments in the ring when he felt completely absorbed in the moment, with nothing else mattering.

Speaking to AEW’s Unrestricted podcast, he stated: “I knew how important it was for me to kinda prove myself, you know?

“The matches that I had [previously] with Jon, we had one that took about 90 seconds, one that was about 10 minutes, and that one was about 18 [minutes]. So just being able to show that growth was really my goal. I obviously did not expect things to take off the way the that they did, but I knew at that moment that this is really important and this is an opportunity I have to seize.”

He was always striving for victory, competing to the best of his ability. However, this match was different. It felt like a life-or-death situation, an opportunity that he had to seize. This intensity and high-stakes nature of the match made it a memorable experience for Yuta.

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Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta

The match with Moxley was not just about winning for Yuta. It was an opportunity for him to prove himself.

Prior to this, Yuta had had two matches with Moxley, one lasting 90 seconds and the other 10 minutes. This 18-minute bout was a chance for Wheeler to demonstrate his growth and resilience in the ring. He knew the importance of this match and was determined to seize the opportunity.

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The Aftermath

The match had a significant impact on Yuta’s career trajectory. He did not anticipate the way things would take off after the match, but he knew that it was a crucial moment.

The match not only marked a turning point in his career but also led him to join the Blackpool Combat Club (BCC), further enhancing his wrestling journey.

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