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Kenny Omega: Backstage rumours on recent talent meeting

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Kenny Omega recently spoke up during a recent AEW talent meeting and according to rumours, it did not go down well with talent.

According to a rumour/report from Bot Lesnar, Omega was silently mocked by All Elite Wrestling talent after he made some ‘harsh’ comments.

“Trustworthy source at AEW tells me after the Omega/ Bucks speech at the meeting, nobody outside of their circle jerk, (the real wrestlers), took them seriously and even laughed” the account claimed on Twitter

“One described it as douchebaggery. everything Cody [Rhodes] has said is right” the account concluded slated Kenny and The Bucks.

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It’s worth noting that this rumour from Bot Lesnar is just that, a rumour, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate at this time.

There is no way of knowing without speaking to All Elite talent as to whether this actually the case or not. Dave Meltzer reported after the meeting took place that many left “happy” and feeling as though their issues with the company had been addressed.

It’ll be some time until the legitimate feeling from talent is known, probably when an AEW star gets released and they take part in a shoot interview or something like that.

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