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Kenny Omega responds to PERSONAL challenge from former UFC Champion

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AEW star, Kenny Omega, didn’t hold back when he was challenged by the former UFC Flyweight Champion, Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson.

Johnson, renowned not only for his UFC and ONE FC achievements but also for his passion for gaming, threw down the gauntlet for a face-off in the popular game, Street Fighter 6.

Omega’s reputation in the Street Fighter series is well-established. He recently took to Twitter, proudly announcing his achievement of the Master rank in the game’s online competitive play. Johnson, undeterred by Omega’s gaming prowess, decided to make things interesting. He publicly challenged Omega for a duel in Seattle, Washington, just before AEW’s WrestleDream pay-per-view event scheduled for October 1st.

Johnson’s tweet was direct and provocative: “Hey @KennyOmegamanX, I hear you’re pretty good at Street Fighter. How about you put your money where your mouth is and face ME at @AEW WrestleDream in my hometown of Seattle in a 1 v 1 battle in Street Fighter 6! Loser donates to the charity of the winner’s choosing. You game?”

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Kenny Omega: Playful Retort

Omega’s response was swift and playful. Accepting the challenge, he also took the opportunity to poke fun at WWE star Xavier Woods.

He tweeted, “Anyone’s free to insult my wrestling ability but this idea that you’re better at Street Fighter than me?! That makes it personal. For charity, I’ll do it – Heck, I can even put you in touch with @AustinCreedWins. You guys can bond over being losers.”

It’s worth noting that Omega and Woods share a history of friendly banter over their mutual love for gaming.

In 2018, The Elite, comprising Omega and the Jackson brothers, faced off against The New Day, which includes Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston, in a two-out-of-three game at Street Fighter V during the 2018 E3 conference. The New Day emerged victorious.

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What’s Next for the Gaming Duo?

The gaming community and wrestling fans alike are buzzing with anticipation. The location and specifics of the Johnson and Omega Street Fighter showdown in Seattle for WrestleDream remain undisclosed.

However, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on this intriguing crossover between the worlds of professional wrestling and competitive gaming.

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