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Kenny Omega on CM Punk potentially joining the company

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AEW Champion Kenny Omega recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio. The man known as the modern-day belt collector discussed a number of topics during the show, including the hot rumors surrounding CM Punk making his way to All Elite shortly.

‘CM Punk, a guy who probably has a different line of thinking then your current day performer, your average performer,’ Omega began on the show.

‘And he has this incredible reputation, and he has fans to this day who would follow him to the ends of the earth” Kenny Omega noted. “A very dedicated fanbase. And that fanbase believes he’s the best in the world and will be the best until the end of time.”

Kenny Omega on CM Punk

“If you’re able to have people like that who follow your career so passionately, you probably have something very special about you” Omega continued, praising the Straight Edge Superstar.

“It just goes to show you that the way he presented himself, the way he spoke about himself, the way he spoke to his opponents, how he performed in the ring, entrance music, his image. He was always very meticulous and he was very intelligent about how he went about it’ Omega would conclude.

A very dedicated fanbase, and that fanbase believes he’s the best in the world


It was recently reported by Fightful Select that CM Punk was in talks to sign with All Elite, but it has not been confirmed anywhere if he has put pen to paper. If AEW are able to bring in the former WWE Champion it would be fantastic get this early into the promotion’s run.

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