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Kenny Omega reacts to fan criticism of AEW Fight Forever

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The wrestling world was abuzz last week with the release of AEW Fight Forever, and Kenny Omega has reacted to complaints about the new title online.

The game, developed by Yukes and published by THQ Nordic, was launched on multiple platforms including Xbox One, Xbox One Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Switch.

Fight Forever boasts a variety of features that cater to wrestling fans. These include a career mode, create-a-wrestler, different match types, including Lights Out, and a range of weapons. The game also promises to be supported through updates and DLC content, as reiterated by Omega himself.

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Mixed Reviews and Fan Criticism

Despite the anticipation and excitement surrounding its release, the game has received mixed reviews. While some positive reviews have praised the game for its fun gameplay experience, there has been criticism regarding the game’s lack of deep features.

The criticism has not been limited to professional reviewers. Fans of the AEW franchise have also voiced their concerns and suggestions for improvement.

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Kenny Omega’s Reaction to Criticism

Kenny Omega, a significant part of the game’s creation process, has not shied away from addressing the criticism. In response to the feedback, Omega expressed his appreciation for the suggestions and assured fans that there would be continued support for the game.

“As someone who plays a ton of fighting games and FPS, I’ll always encourage fixes and rebalancing when situations like these turn up. There will be continued support for the game so all this feedback and suggestions are great! Thank you!” Omega tweeted.

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The Future of AEW: Fight Forever

Omega’s response indicates a commitment to improving the game based on user feedback. This approach is crucial in the gaming industry, where player experience can significantly impact the success of a game.

With the promise of continued support and updates, fans can look forward to seeing how AEW: Fight Forever evolves.

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