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HUGE International Star SIGNS with AEW

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In a monumental move for the wrestling world, former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Kota Ibushi, has officially announced his signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

This significant development has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, as fans eagerly anticipate the new heights Ibushi will reach with All Elite.

Kota Ibushi, a renowned figure in the wrestling circuit, particularly for his time with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), has already graced the AEW ring on several occasions.

His debut with the promotion was during the intense July 19th Blood & Guts bout, where he sided with the Elite. Following this, the Japanese wrestling sensation competed in two more matches for the company, including a six-man tag-team bout at All In London and another thrilling six-man bout at WrestleDream.

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The Nature of Ibushi’s Agreement with AEW

In a recent interview translated from Japanese (via Fightful.), Ibushi shed light on the specifics of his agreement with AEW. He revealed that discussions with All Elite began on the day of his Blood & Guts appearance.

Ibushi emphasised his desire for certain conditions in his contract, which Tony Khan and co seemed more than willing to accommodate.

Some key points from the agreement include:

  • Ibushi will work a reduced schedule with All Elite Wrestling while continuing to reside in Japan.
  • He retains the freedom to work in Japan and will primarily be based there.
  • The contract offers flexibility, allowing Ibushi to potentially appear for other promotions.
  • The company has shown a willingness to reduce the number of matches for Ibushi, ensuring his activities in Japan remain unhindered.

Ibushi expressed immense satisfaction with the deal, calling it “the best deal.”

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What’s Next for Ibushi in AEW?

With this new signing, the possibilities seem endless. Ibushi recently hinted at a ‘first-ever’ dream match against an AEW opponent.

While details remain under wraps, the mere prospect has fans buzzing with excitement.

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  • Who is Kota Ibushi?
    • Kota Ibushi is a former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, primarily known for his time with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).
  • When did Ibushi make his AEW debut?
    • Ibushi made his in-ring debut for AEW as part of the Elite‚Äôs side during the July 19 Blood & Guts bout.
  • Will Ibushi be exclusive to AEW?
    • No, Ibushi’s contract allows him flexibility, including the potential to appear for other promotions and continue his work in Japan.
  • Has Ibushi hinted at any upcoming matches in AEW?
    • Yes, Ibushi recently teased a ‘first-ever’ dream match against an AEW opponent, though specifics remain undisclosed.

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