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AEW Spoiler: Star OFFICIALLY Joins Faction

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In a recent turn of events that has left the wrestling community buzzing, a significant development unfolded at the September 9th ROH TV tapings. The AEW fanbase witnessed a pivotal moment that could reshape the dynamics of the wrestling world.

Lee Moriarty, a name that has been making waves in the wrestling circuit, took a decisive step in his career.

During the taping, Moriarty assisted Shane Taylor in securing a victory against Lee Johnson. This act was not just a mere show of support; it was a clear indication of Moriarty’s allegiance to Shane Taylor Promotions.

Following the match, Shane Taylor, without wasting any time, grabbed the microphone from Tony Khan, who had emerged to comment on the match’s conclusion.

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Shane Taylor Promotions Welcomes a New Member from AEW

Taylor, after highlighting how Shane Taylor Promotions had been the backbone of ROH for several years, made a significant announcement.

He declared Lee Moriarty as the latest addition to his faction, Shane Taylor Promotions. This revelation has added a new dimension to the AEW narrative, and fans are eager to see how this alliance will shape future storylines.

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The Implications for AEW

With Moriarty officially joining Shane Taylor Promotions, the balance of power within AEW might be shifting. Factions play a crucial role in wrestling, often determining the course of major storylines and influencing championship outcomes.

Moriarty’s decision to align with Shane Taylor Promotions could potentially bolster the faction’s dominance in AEW, should they venture beyond ROH going forward.

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A Recap of the Night

The September 9th ROH TV tapings were not just about Moriarty’s significant move. The event was packed with action and saw several wrestlers clashing in the ring. Some of the notable results from the taping included:

  • AAA Latin American Champion QT Marshall triumphing over Metalik.
  • The Infantry, comprising Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo, along with Willie Mack, defeating The Outrunners.
  • ROH World Heavyweight Champion Claudio Castagnoli emerging victorious against Rocky Romero.
  • Mercedes Martinez securing a win against Zoey Lynn.
  • And, of course, the highlight of the evening, Shane Taylor’s victory over Lee Johnson, which paved the way for Moriarty’s induction into Shane Taylor Promotions.

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What’s Next for Lee Moriarty?

With this new alliance, the trajectory of Lee Moriarty’s career in AEW is set to ascend. Being a part of a prominent faction like Shane Taylor Promotions provides him with a platform to showcase his skills and make a mark in the wrestling world.

Fans and experts alike are keen to observe how Moriarty will leverage this opportunity and what impact his association with Shane Taylor Promotions will have on AEW’s landscape.

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