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MAJOR AEW star reveals INJURY that they are dealing with

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Professional wrestling is a physically demanding sport, and injuries are a common occurrence. Recently, a major AEW star, Malakai Black, shed light on the injury he’s been grappling with, causing concern among fans and followers of the wrestling world.

Malakai Black, after signing with AEW in July 2021, had a somewhat subdued start. His most notable singles feud was against Cody Rhodes.

However, he later became a pivotal member of The House of Black, joining forces with Buddy Matthews and Brody King.

Despite his significant role, Black’s absence from AEW television broadcasts raised eyebrows. The reason? A minor injury.

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The House of Black’s Recent Endeavours

The House of Black recently faced a setback when they lost the AEW World Trios Championships to The Acclaimed.

Following this event, Malakai Black’s presence on AEW television became notably sparse, leading to increased speculation and concern among fans.

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Addressing the Rumours

To clear the air, Malakai Black took to his Instagram story, sharing videos that addressed his hiatus from AEW television.

Contrary to rumours suggesting a problematic back injury, Black clarified that he’s been nursing a slight calf tear and knee hyperextension. Fortunately, he assured fans that he’s on the mend and will be returning to the ring sooner than anticipated.

He also addressed past speculations about a back injury, emphasising that while he had shared a video about rehabbing a back injury a year ago, it wasn’t the reason for his recent absence.

He expressed his gratitude for the concern but reiterated that his current hiatus is solely due to the calf and knee issues.

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The Future for Malakai Black

While Malakai Black hasn’t been seen in singles matches for a considerable time, fans are eagerly awaiting his return.

The exact timeline of his comeback remains uncertain, but given his determination and passion for the sport, it’s likely he’ll be back in action soon.

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Q: Who is Malakai Black? A: Malakai Black is a professional wrestler who signed with AEW in July 2021. He’s known for his feud with Cody Rhodes and is a member of The House of Black.

Q: Why has Malakai Black been absent from AEW television? A: Malakai Black has been dealing with a minor injury, specifically a slight calf tear and knee hyperextension.

Q: Is Malakai Black’s absence related to a back injury? A: No, while there were rumours about a back injury, Black clarified that his current hiatus is due to a calf and knee injury.

Q: When will Malakai Black return to AEW? A: While the exact date is uncertain, Malakai Black has assured fans that he will be back sooner rather than later.

Q: What is The House of Black? A: The House of Black is a wrestling group in AEW, consisting of Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King.

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