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BELOVED AEW star reveals he NEARLY retired this year

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Mark Briscoe, a well-known figure in AEW, recently revealed that he had contemplated hanging up his wrestling boots for good.

This revelation came as a shock to many, given his significant contributions to the wrestling world and his current prominence in AEW.

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The Tragic Loss

Earlier this year, the wrestling community was deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Jay Briscoe, Mark’s brother, in a severe car accident.

This tragic event had a profound impact on Mark, leading him to question his future in wrestling. The brothers had shared a deep bond, both in and out of the ring, making the loss even more devastating for Mark.

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AEW for Mark Briscoe: The Struggle and the Decision

In a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Mark opened up about his struggle following his brother’s passing.

He shared his feelings of confusion and grief, and how he initially felt like he might never want to wrestle again. However, as time passed, he realised that his brother would have wanted him to continue their shared passion.

“You know, when it first happened, I was almost like, ‘Well, I don’t know if I ever want to wrestle again.'” Briscoe revealed on the podcast.

“And then as the hours go, it’s almost like, ‘S**t, Jamin will be pissed if I…’ You know what I mean? If I hung up the boots now, he’d be mad as hell” Mark added.

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AEW Dynamite: The Tribute Match

A tribute match for Jay Briscoe was held on the January 25th episode of AEW Dynamite, coincidentally falling on Jay’s birthday.

Mark saw this as more than a mere coincidence, interpreting it as a divine sign. The match, which he described as “strangely comforting,” reassured him that everything would eventually be alright.

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Carrying On the Legacy

Mark Briscoe expressed his determination to continue his wrestling journey, carrying his brother’s memory with him.

He emphasised that he was not alone, as he felt his brother’s spiritual presence guiding him. He saw this tragic event not as a setback, but as a springboard to elevate his career and honor his brother’s legacy.

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