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TOP FREE AGENT names Adam Copeland as dream AEW or WWE opponent

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, dream matches are a topic of constant discussion among fans and wrestlers alike. Recently, a top free agent has expressed his desire to face AEW star Adam Copeland, sparking intrigue and excitement in the wrestling community.

Matt Cardona, who recently made a comeback to IMPACT Wrestling during the pay-per-view event “Bound for Glory” on October 21, took to Twitter for an impromptu Q&A session.

Among the myriad of questions thrown his way, one stood out: Who would be his dream match opponent from any wrestling promotion and any era? Cardona’s response was succinct yet impactful: “Adam Copeland.”

Speculations Surrounding Cardona’s Future and an Adam Copeland match

Cardona’s recent appearance in the ‘Call Your Shot’ Gauntlet match at “Bound for Glory” was filled with surprises. Not only did he make it to the final four, but his participation also led to speculations about his future association with IMPACT Wrestling.

The match saw various unexpected appearances, including former WCW star Juventud Guerrera, ex-AEW star Sonny Kiss, and of course, Matt Cardona, previously known to WWE fans as Zack Ryder.

While Jordynne Grace emerged victorious in the match by defeating Bully Ray, the buzz around Cardona’s future with the company remains.

IMPACT concluded the event with a significant announcement: the wrestling promotion will revert to its former ‘TNA’ name come January 2024.

Adam Copeland’s Legacy

Adam Copeland, better known to many as Edge in the WWE, has carved a niche for himself in the wrestling world. His matches and feuds are legendary, making him a sought-after opponent for many.

Cardona’s desire to face Copeland is a testament to the latter’s prowess and reputation in the industry.


  • Who is Matt Cardona’s dream opponent from any era and promotion?
    • Adam Copeland.
  • Where did Matt Cardona recently make a return?
    • He returned to IMPACT Wrestling during the “Bound for Glory” pay-per-view event.
  • What significant announcement did IMPACT make at the end of “Bound for Glory”?
    • IMPACT Wrestling announced that they would be returning to their old ‘TNA’ name in January 2024.
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