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Former WWE Superstar TEASES APPEARANCE on AEW Dynamite

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation and excitement as former WWE superstar, Matt Cardona, drops hints about a potential appearance on AEW Dynamite. This tease comes in the wake of a heated exchange between Cardona and AEW’s Mike Santana.

After Santana’s return to the ring at the “All In London” event on August 27th, where he participated in the Stadium Stampede match, he didn’t waste time making his presence felt. Santana targeted Cardona post his House of Glory match on September 15th. This altercation led Cardona, the reigning House of Glory Champion, to release a video message addressing Santana.

In his message, Cardona expressed his frustration, stating he should have been celebrating his victory over Homicide. Instead, he found himself addressing Santana’s surprise attack. Cardona mockingly referred to Santana as “Mike”, indicating that even Santana’s first name was news to him. He further advised Santana and other AEW wrestlers to stick to their domain and avoid venturing into the indie wrestling scene, a territory Cardona proudly claims as his own.

However, Cardona didn’t stop there. He threw down the gauntlet, challenging Santana by saying, “But, Santana, if you want me to come to your show, I can. Well, not on Saturdays because I’m booked, but on Wednesdays, I can come, and I’ll show you who the true king of New York really is.”

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Cardona’s History with AEW Dynamite

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Cardona has been linked with AEW. He has previously wrestled several matches for the promotion in 2020.

Moreover, Cardona has been dropping several hints lately, not just about AEW but also about a potential return to WWE, especially with rumours circulating about WWE’s interest in him.

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The Indie God’s Dominance

Matt Cardona’s self-proclaimed title of the “Indie God” isn’t just for show. He has been a dominant force in the indie wrestling scene, and his recent altercation with Santana only solidifies his position.

Cardona’s message was clear: AEW wrestlers should stick to their platform and avoid stepping into his realm.

His challenge to Santana further showcases his confidence and readiness to defend his territory, be it in the indie scene or on AEW Dynamite.

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