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Matt Hardy compares AEW Champion to The Undertaker

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Matt Hardy has made a connection between Orange Cassidy and The Undertaker.

The relationship between Vince McMahon and The Dead Man is unparalleled in the wrestling world. The latter was so loyal to his employer that WCW never tried to sign him even at the height of the Monday Night Wars.

Orange Cassidy has been a workhorse for AEW since joining the company in 2019. He is the current International Champion and Cassidy has defended his title more times than any other current champion in the company.

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Matt Hardy touts Orange Cassidy

Matt Hardy recently talked about the current champion on his podcast (H/t Fightful). He claimed that the relationship between Orange Cassidy and Tony Khan reminds him of Taker and McMahon:

‘I’m going to make a very strange connection, but I do think there’s some truth to this. In some ways, right now, if you notice this, Orange Cassidy opens up Dynamite all the time. I feel like Orange Cassidy to Tony, at this stage, right now, where they’re currently at, these last few months, in some ways reminds me of the relationship between Vince McMahon and The Undertaker.”

Matt Hardy explained that Taker used to be the go-to guy for Vince McMahon. He then pointed out some other similarities between the wrestling legend and the current AEW star:

“He was his go-to guy, a guy that he knew could go out and get the job he wanted done, done. On top of that, those guys were both really good wrestlers, but they played these outlandish and outrageous over-the-top gimmicks. So, there’s a crazy similarity there. Imagine that, hearing Orange Cassidy compared to The Undertaker.’

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