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Matt Hardy Rips into Pro Wrestling Personality for ‘Hate Watching’ AEW

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Matt Hardy, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared his thoughts on the negativity pervading the wrestling community.

Hardy, known for his candidness, expressed his disdain for the ‘petty stuff’ that often clouds the wrestling world. He emphasised the importance of positivity, stating, “Life is too short to be negative” on his The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast.

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The Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette Twitter War

The AEW wrestler’s comments came in the wake of his recent Twitter spat with Jim Cornette, a well-known wrestling personality.

Hardy and Cornette’s relationship took a turn for the worse following the Stadium Stampede 2020 event. Cornette, who had previously maintained a cordial relationship with Hardy, declared that he could no longer be friends with Hardy due to his involvement in the match.

Hardy responded to this by questioning Cornette’s rationale, asking, “Is this real life? Who says that? Who thinks like that?”

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The ‘Cornette Cult’ Phenomenon

Hardy went on to discuss the influence Cornette wields over his followers, likening it to a ‘cult leader’. He coined the term ‘Cornette Cult’ to describe Cornette’s followers, who he believes are drawn to Cornette’s negativity.

Hardy stated, “Jim Cornette has got his schtick to do, he’s not a hot commodity. His whole bit is going in there and hate-watching AEW and saying all the negative things he can to feed all his Cult of Cornette followers.”

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Cornette’s Inability to Adapt

Hardy further criticised Cornette for his inability to evolve with the changing landscape of professional wrestling.

He accused Cornette of fostering hatred and negativity among his followers by ‘hate-watching’ AEW and spreading negative comments.

Hardy expressed his belief that Cornette’s refusal to adapt and evolve with the industry is a significant factor contributing to the negativity in wrestling.

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