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Matt Hardy: WWE has burned the trust of their fans

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AEW wrestler/manager and former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy recently discussed how he believes that WWE has burned the trust among their fans.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy noted how “let it play out” has become a meme amongst wrestling fans.

‘I feel like with WWE if you hear that expression, ’˜Let it play out,’ they’ve kind of burned their trust with their consumers, with their fans” Hardy began.

Matt Hardy on WWE

“I just don’t think people trust them anymore. Because there have been so many times that people were very patient, and they waited for it to play out, but it just never did” Hardy added.

“So I think they’ve just kind of lost their trust with wrestling fans when it comes to that. I mean, it’s become like a meme now, right? People say it when they know it’s gonna be bad, you know? ’˜Don’t worry, just let it play out. Haha!’ It really has become a meme” Matt Hardy concluded.

It’s hard to argue that “let it play out” hasn’t become a meme, because WWE is notorious for not following through with their angles.

It isn’t quite as bad now as it has been over the past decade or so, but it is still not great overall.

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