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Released WWE Superstar is in NO RUSH to sign with AEW

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In a surprising turn of events, Matt Riddle, the former WWE superstar, has expressed his lack of urgency in signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

This revelation came during a recent virtual signing with “Signed By Superstars,” where Riddle discussed his future plans following his release from WWE in September 2023.

Matt Riddle’s Post-WWE Career Path

Riddle’s approach to his wrestling career post-WWE is unconventional. He stated, “I wanted to think outside the box and maybe not rush right back into doing TV matches.”

His decision reflects a desire for more artistic freedom and less pressure, which he feels is more achievable outside the realm of television wrestling.

Exploring New Opportunities outside of WWE

Riddle’s current focus lies in working with Major League Wrestling (MLW) and exploring opportunities in Japan. He mentioned, “For me, right now, New Japan, MLW, the Indies, I can display my art and I’m not under such a crunch of time or requirement.”

This decision underscores his priority to engage in matches that allow him more creative control and less time constraint.

The Appeal of Japanese Wrestling

A significant part of Riddle’s decision is his interest in Japanese wrestling. He expressed a strong desire to work in Japan, making it a priority in his career choices.

Not Ruling Out TNA

Interestingly, Riddle has not ruled out Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling.

His openness to various wrestling platforms highlights his desire for a diverse and fulfilling wrestling experience post-WWE.

Upcoming Matches outside of WWE

Fans of Riddle can look forward to his upcoming match against NJPW World TV Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW ‘The New Beginning’ in Sapporo on February 23.


  • Why isn’t Matt Riddle rushing to sign with AEW?
    • Riddle wants to explore more creative freedom and less time constraint in his matches, which he feels is more achievable outside TV wrestling.
  • What are Matt Riddle’s current plans?
    • He is focusing on working with MLW, exploring opportunities in Japan, and considering TNA.
  • What is Riddle’s interest in Japanese wrestling?
    • He is attracted to the unique style and respect for the sport prevalent in Japan.
  • Is Riddle still open to joining TNA?
    • Yes, he has not ruled out the possibility of joining TNA in the future.
  • When is Riddle’s next major match?
    • He will face Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW ‘The New Beginning’ in Sapporo on February 23.
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