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Mickie James DEFENDS AEW star against body-shaming online

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In a recent turn of events, Mickie James, a renowned figure in professional wrestling, has come forward to defend Deonna Purrazzo, an AEW star, against body-shaming comments that surfaced online following Purrazzo’s victorious AEW debut against Red Velvet.

Mickie James, who previously had a notable rivalry with Purrazzo, took to Twitter to express her support. In a heartfelt tweet, James praised Purrazzo’s appearance, specifically mentioning her admiration for Purrazzo’s resilience and strength.

Her tweet read, “Just so you’re aware. I am a big fan of your butt @DeonnaPurrazzo. I think it’s beautiful and perfect. Especially when I was whoopin’ it. That is all. 😜 double ps. F’em ♥️ you’re amazing.”

AEW News: The Impact of Social Media on Wrestling

This incident and AEW news sheds light on the broader issue of how social media impacts professional wrestling. Wrestlers, like other public figures, often face scrutiny and criticism online, which can sometimes escalate into personal attacks and body shaming.

The support from fellow wrestlers like Mickie James is crucial in fostering a more respectful and supportive environment.


  • Who is Mickie James?
    • Mickie James is a professional wrestler known for her work in various wrestling promotions, including WWE and TNA.
  • What was the incident involving Deonna Purrazzo?
    • Deonna Purrazzo faced body-shaming comments online following her victorious AEW debut against Red Velvet.
  • How did Mickie James respond to the body-shaming of Purrazzo?
    • Mickie James defended Purrazzo on Twitter, praising her appearance and resilience.
  • What did Adam Cole say about fan behavior?
    • Adam Cole critiqued fans for their negative and hypocritical behavior on social media, emphasizing the harm it causes to wrestlers.
  • Why is this incident significant in wrestling?
    • This incident highlights the impact of social media on wrestlers’ lives and the importance of support and positivity within the wrestling community.
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