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Miro talks interactions with CM Punk in AEW

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CM Punk isn’t the only AEW star making headlines with a much-anticipated return. Miro, known as “The Redeemer”, is set to return to the ring in the United Center in Chicago, marking his first match since All Out 2022’‹’‹.

Miro’s time away from the ring hasn’t been as media-attracting as Punk’s, but it certainly wasn’t without controversy.

During a recent interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Miro opened up about his nine-month hiatus from AEW. He described his time away as a period of introspection, likening it to “being in the desert, looking for answers.”’‹

An Inner Struggle: Miro’s Perspective on His Absence

Miro’s take on his absence from AEW was decidedly candid. He expressed his frustrations and the personal struggle he went through during this time, stating, “It [being off and being away] sucks. It sucks. Just looking for answers and not getting any. It’s not a good place.”’‹

This wrestling superstar shared his angst about having unanswered questions. A state of uncertainty that he believes every human can relate to, Miro’s time away was challenging.

Despite this, his desire to return to the ring remained strong. He eagerly awaits the chance to unravel the mysteries surrounding his return, as he expressed, “I’m aching to come back and to find out what’s going on and what’s happening. It’s been a while.”’‹

The Redeemer’s Continuation: Miro’s Character Evolution

Fans of Miro can expect his return as ‘The Redeemer,’ a character that represents a continuation of the story he’s been narrating since he joined AEW back in 2020.

As Kip Sabian’s former gaming friend, Miro’s character has undergone significant evolution, and he seems committed to maintaining this growth in his upcoming matches’‹.

Addressing the CM Punk Question

Inevitably, the topic of CM Punk was broached during Miro’s interview. When asked about who he would like to face upon his return, Miro clarified that he is more focused on the narrative he’s creating rather than the identity of his opponents.

However, he did address his relationship with CM Punk, the star who is now at the forefront of the Collision posters’‹.

Miro expressed mutual respect and a healthy relationship with Punk, saying, “I get along with him fine…I’ve never had anything bad, like engaged with him.”

He did acknowledge the rumours surrounding their relationship but took a pragmatic approach, reminding everyone to count their blessings and keep their issues in perspective’‹.

The Road Ahead

As Miro prepares to return, fans are eagerly waiting to see how his journey unfolds. Will ‘The Redeemer’ cross paths with CM Punk? Only time will tell. As the wrestler himself said, we’ll have to “find out this Saturday.”’‹

Miro’s return signifies more than just a wrestler stepping back into the ring. It’s a story of personal struggle, character evolution, and of a man looking to find his place again in a world he’s been away from.

Regardless of what happens in the ring, Miro’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, echoing the trials and tribulations we all face in our personal deserts of uncertainty.

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