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BACKSTAGE REACTION to MJF being taken off AEW roster page

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the recent removal of MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) from the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster page has sparked a flurry of speculation and backstage reactions.

This development follows MJF’s loss of the AEW World Title to Samoa Joe at AEW World’s End, an event that marked a significant shift in the promotion’s narrative landscape.

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MJF Contract Situation: More Than Meets the Eye

The wrestling community has been abuzz with discussions about MJF’s contract status following his conspicuous absence from AEW’s official website.

According to sources within the industry, including PWInsider, there’s a strong belief backstage that MJF’s removal from the roster is not indicative of an actual departure from Tony Khan’s company.

This sentiment is echoed by many within AEW, who view the situation as a storyline development rather than a real-life exit: “No one we’ve spoken with in the company believes he is actually gone and this is just storyline playing off his “war of ’24’ stuff that he’s referenced forever” Mike Johnson reported.

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The Strategic Hiatus: A Health and Storyline Perspective

MJF has been a central figure in AEW’s storylines over the past year, and his high-profile status has not come without its toll.

Reports suggest that MJF has been dealing with physical wear and tear, making a hiatus a prudent decision for his health.

This break could also serve as a strategic move to refresh his character and maintain audience interest. The wrestling world is known for its unpredictability, and MJF’s next steps in AEW remain a topic of intrigue and speculation.

MJF and The Bigger Picture: AEW’s Evolving Landscape

MJF’s situation must be viewed within the broader context of AEW’s evolving narrative and business strategy. The promotion has been known for its innovative storytelling and willingness to blur the lines between reality and fiction.

The handling of MJF’s storyline, whether it leads to a return or a more complex narrative arc, will be a testament to AEW’s creative direction and its ability to keep audiences engaged and guessing.


  • What happened to MJF in AEW? MJF was recently taken off the AEW roster page following his loss of the AEW World Title to Samoa Joe.
  • Is MJF leaving AEW? According to insider reports, there is significant doubt about MJF’s removal being a real exit from AEW. It is widely believed to be part of a storyline.
  • Why was MJF removed from the AEW roster? While not officially confirmed, it’s speculated that MJF’s removal is part of a storyline and also a strategic break for his health.
  • What are fans saying about MJF’s situation? Fans are actively speculating about MJF’s future in AEW, with theories ranging from a storyline twist to a potential hiatus for health reasons.
  • How does MJF’s situation affect AEW’s narrative? MJF’s situation adds a layer of intrigue and speculation to AEW’s storytelling, keeping audiences engaged and guessing about future developments.
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