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MJF tweets AEW wrestlers controversial advice and then deletes

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All Elite Wrestling Champion MJF recently took to Twitter to give some advice to his colleagues that some would probably see as controversial.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman would tweet the following with regards to high-risk moves that some wrestlers perform in the ring: “The more wrestling fans become bloodthirsty for these dangerous feats in the ring. The more the wrestlers will hurt themselves trying to curry fan’s favor,” the AEW champ began.

“Wrestlers, the fans don’t understand that at any given point we can be paralyzed from the neck down or even die from a maneuver as simple as a body slam. By the way, fans reading this, bodyslams hurt, every move hurts” MJF continued.

MJF gives controversial advice

“They [the fans] will keep moving the goal post of what they deem is ‘good.’ So before you do something stupid. Consider this, [is] their tweet about your ‘banger’ gonna pay for your medical bills? Do the right thing. Go in that ring with the intention of winning the match and leaving the ring the same way you entered it. Get the winner’s purse and get out” he concluded in the since-deleted tweet.

Actually looking at what he said here, it isn’t all that controversial, and fans and wrestlers could do well to pay attention to what Maxwell said.

Having said that, there are a number of stars in AEW who could’ve taken offense to this, such as Darby Allin, who performs high-risk moves on the regular.

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