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MJF feels BAD for this young WWE STAR

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MJF feels bad for Grayson Waller.

The 27-year-old has already cemented his place as one of wrestling’s top stars. The one skill that has helped him climb the wrestling ladder so fast is his ability on the mic. While MJF has delivered many great performances in the ring, it’s his promos that have left a lasting impression on many fans.

Grayson Waller, on the other hand, is only starting to get the recognition he deserves. The Australian star had been one of the faces of NXT for the past couple of years.

He has done nothing but impress people since being called up to the main roster earlier this year. Just like the AEW World Champion, it’s his confidence on the mic that has forced people to take notice of him.

MJF feels bad for Grayson Waller

The WWE star has been compared to the Wrestling Devil due to this similarity. MJF himself however doesn’t seem to be a fan of this comparison. He talked about Waller in a recent interview with WrestlePurists, and claimed that he feels bad for him:

“You know who I feel bad for? I feel bad for Grayson Waller. Because I get f*cking tagged daily in ‘yo Grayson Waller is just trying to be MJF! Like f*cking hell he is. Do you see me wrestling in f*cking basketball shorts? Do I have a f*cking accent? Am I 6’2? Like, no.'”

The SmackDown star will obviously not take kindly to these comments from the AEW champion. Fans should expect a reply from Waller sooner rather than later.

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