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MJF: Former AEW star reveals he had ISSUES with Champion

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, personal dynamics between wrestlers can sometimes be as compelling as the storylines they enact in the ring. Recently, Fuego Del Sol, a former AEW wrestler, shed light on his personal feelings towards the current AEW World Champion, MJF, in a candid YouTube video.

Fuego Del Sol, who parted ways with AEW in June, has been quite open about his experiences within the company.

In his recent video, he took the opportunity to rate various AEW wrestlers, and it was during this segment that he expressed his reservations about MJF.

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Not a Fan of MJF

Del Sol was forthright in admitting that he isn’t particularly fond of MJF.

He stated, “This is not going to be good. People aren’t going to like me for this, but if I’m honest, I’m not a fan of this guy.”

However, he was quick to clarify that his personal feelings don’t overshadow MJF’s undeniable talent. He praised MJF for being an “incredible promo guy” and acknowledged that when MJF chooses to wrestle, he truly shines in the ring.

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A Disparaging Remark from MJF to Fuego

The root of Del Sol’s issues with Maxwell seems to be traced back to an incident early in their AEW tenure. Del Sol recalled a moment when MJF made a “weird disparaging remark” in front of several people backstage.

While he believes MJF might not even remember the incident, it left a lasting impression on Del Sol. He mentioned, “Some people are going to go out of their way to critique you or congratulate you or help you out. He kind of stuck to himself in that regard, never really talked to me.”

Despite this, Del Sol was adamant about separating personal feelings from professional opinions. He reiterated that while they might not get along personally, he would never deny MJF’s exceptional talent in the wrestling world.

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  • Who is Fuego Del Sol?
    • Fuego Del Sol is a professional wrestler who was previously associated with AEW.
  • What did Fuego Del Sol say about MJF?
    • Del Sol admitted he isn’t a fan of MJF but also praised him for his undeniable talent in the ring.
  • Why did Del Sol have issues with Maxwell Jacob Friedman?
    • Del Sol recalled an incident where MJF made a disparaging remark about him in front of several people backstage.
  • Did Del Sol’s personal feelings affect his professional opinion of MJF?
    • No, Del Sol was clear in separating his personal feelings from his professional opinions, acknowledging MJF’s talent in wrestling.
  • When did Del Sol leave AEW?
    • Fuego Del Sol left AEW in June.
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