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MJF Girlfriend: Identity of his new partner REVEALED

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where storylines and real life often intertwine, the personal lives of the stars occasionally become as captivating as their in-ring personas. One such instance is the recent revelation about the relationship status of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, popularly known as MJF, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The identity of MJF’s new girlfriend has been a topic of much speculation and interest among fans, and it has now been confirmed that he is dating Alicia Atout.

MJF Girlfriend: Who is Alicia Atout?

Alicia Atout is a name familiar to many wrestling enthusiasts, having made her mark in Major League Wrestling (MLW), IMPACT Wrestling, and AEW.

Her involvement in the wrestling world extends beyond just being MJF’s partner; she is recognised for her work as an interviewer and has a significant presence in the wrestling community.

The Unlikely Romance

The relationship between MJF and Atout is intriguing, not least because of its unlikely beginnings. In a candid revelation on her YouTube channel, Atout confirmed the relationship, acknowledging the odd path it took.

She humorously recalled how MJF, known for his brash and often insulting in-ring persona, had previously mocked her, giving her the nickname “T*ts McGee” – a moniker that, to her surprise, preceded an unexpected romantic turn.

MJF and Alicia Atout: From On-Screen Antagonism to Off-Screen Romance

The transition from on-screen antagonism to a real-life relationship highlights the unpredictable nature of relationships in the wrestling world.

Atout reflected on this unpredictability in her vlog, expressing her astonishment at how life can take such unexpected turns.


  • Who is MJF’s new girlfriend?
    • MJF is currently dating Alicia Atout, known for her work in MLW, IMPACT Wrestling, and AEW.
  • How did MJF and Alicia Atout’s relationship start?
    • Their relationship started in an unusual way, with MJF initially mocking Atout on-screen before they developed a romantic connection.
  • Has Alicia Atout commented on their relationship?
    • Yes, Alicia Atout confirmed their relationship in a Q&A vlog on her YouTube channel.
  • What has been the public reaction to their relationship?
    • The reaction has been mixed, with fans expressing both surprise and delight at the news.
  • Could their relationship impact their professional wrestling careers?
    • It’s possible that their off-screen relationship could influence their on-screen storylines and character development in AEW.
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