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MJF gets HUGE praise from WWE Hall of Famer

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MJF, the AEW World Champion, has been making waves in the wrestling world with his unparalleled talent and charisma.

His recent accomplishments and character development have not gone unnoticed, especially by WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry.

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AEW’s Rising Star: MJF

MJF’s journey in AEW has been nothing short of spectacular. Currently, in his first reign as the AEW World Champion, MJF has showcased his versatility by transitioning from a notorious heel to a beloved antihero on television.

His commitment to the company and the wrestling industry is evident in his performances and decisions.

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Mark Henry’s Acclaim

On a recent episode of Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast, Mark Henry shared his thoughts on MJF’s contributions to AEW. Henry highlighted MJF’s selflessness and his dedication to the company’s success.

He pointed out that MJF could easily demand the spotlight for himself, given his stature and popularity. However, he chooses to share it, indicating his desire for the greater good of the organisation.

Henry stated, “I think that he’s polarising enough that every show you already market the fact that MJF is going to be there. For him not to be greedy when he could be, he could say, ‘No I don’t want Edge, I don’t want Adam Copeland, I don’t want Bryan Danielson, I don’t want Samoa Joe, I don’t want a CM Punk, I want the spotlight for myself’ means that he is, just like I said just a minute ago, a guy that wants the greater good. That wants to be successful not by the means of it’s just me, but successful by the means of the organisation and the programme that you’re trying to build. He is brilliant beyond his years.”

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Upcoming Challenges

MJF’s prowess will be put to the test as he is set to defend the AEW World Championship against Jay White, who currently holds the title, at the upcoming AEW Full Gear 2023 event next month.

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  • Who is MJF?
    • MJF, whose real name is Maxwell T. Friedman, is a professional wrestler currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What did Mark Henry say about MJF?
    • Mark Henry praised MJF for his selflessness and his desire for the greater good of the organisation. He believes MJF is “brilliant beyond his years.”
  • When is MJF’s next title defence?
    • MJF will defend the AEW World Championship against Jay White at AEW Full Gear 2023 next month.
  • What is MJF’s role in AEW?
    • MJF is the current AEW World Champion and has transitioned from a heel to a lovable antihero role on TV.
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