MJF reportedly “frustrated” with AEW contract

MJF Tony Khan Heated

Image Courtesy @AEW

AEW star MJF is reportedly “frustrated” with his current contract situation with All Elite Wrestling and is considering leaving the company.

A recent report from Fightful Select indicates that Maxwell Jacob Friedman is not happy right now and is genuinely considering leaving.

The site noted: “Though the two talked out their issues in the following week, we’re told that sentiment hasn’t necessarily lasted with MJF.

“Fightful has heard that MJF’s sentiments about possibly going to WWE when his contract are up are not in character, and it’s a subject he’s already weighed” Fightful added.

“There has been at least some progress on his future in AEW, as we’re told their have been open ended mentions about him possibly gaining an extension. However, many don’t believe that MJF and Tony Khan are as close as they were prior to the reported discussion” it was revealed.

MJF and Tony Khan

With Cody Rhodes having left AEW earlier this year for WWE, it certainly would not be a surprise to see another major name such as Friedman make the jump.

Out of all of the talent in All Elite, Friedman would certainly be a name that WWE would be interested in, with his quality of promo and ability.

MJF is also very young and has experience on a major weekly televised programme, so that is just extra ammunition for him in terms of negotiations.

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