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MJF addresses claims he could JOIN WWE

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Recently, the wrestling community has been abuzz with talks about MJF, the AEW World Champion, potentially making a move to WWE.

This speculation was further fuelled by comments from Cody Rhodes, a former AEW star who made the switch to WWE in early 2022.

Cody Rhodes’ Prediction and MJF Response

Cody Rhodes, in a recent interview with Rosenberg Wrestling, predicted that MJF would eventually find his way to WWE.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, speaking on the SI Media podcast, addressed these comments and the reaction they garnered. He expressed respect for Rhodes’ opinion and lamented the negative response from fans towards Rhodes.

MJF highlighted the hyperbolic nature of social media, criticising the tendency for sensationalism and fear-mongering.

MJF: The Bidding War of 2024

The wrestling world is keenly aware of the impending ‘bidding war of 2024’, a reference to MJF’s AEW contract nearing its end.

This has led to increased speculation about his future, with Friedman himself teasing a possible defection to WWE on AEW TV.

When asked about concerns regarding WWE potentially restricting his character, MJF confidently stated that he doesn’t see how anyone could “put a leash” on him, asserting his belief in his ability to thrive in any company.

MJF’s Career Trajectory and Future Decisions

MJF reflected on his career trajectory, acknowledging that while AEW might fit him more than other places, there could be arguments made for a move to WWE.

He emphasised that his decision, whatever it may be, will be based on what feels right and meaningful to him.

MJF’s Current Status in AEW

As of now, MJF continues to be a prominent figure in AEW, holding the AEW World Championship. His status and future in the company remain a topic of much discussion among fans and insiders alike, especially as he has not apparently re-signed with the company as of writing.


  • What did Cody Rhodes predict about MJF’s future?
    • Cody Rhodes predicted that Maxwell would eventually join WWE.
  • How did MJF react to Cody Rhodes’ comments?
    • The AEW Champion respected Rhodes’ opinion and criticized the negative response from fans, highlighting the issues with sensationalism on social media.
  • Is MJF planning to move to WWE?
    • While there is speculation, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has not confirmed any plans to move to WWE. His decision will depend on what feels right for his career.
  • What is the ‘bidding war of 2024’?
    • It refers to the anticipated competition between wrestling promotions to sign Maxwell Jacob Friedman when his AEW contract expires in 2024.
  • Has MJF expressed any concerns about joining WWE?
    • Maxwell Jacob Friedman has stated that he doesn’t see how WWE could restrict his character, indicating confidence in his ability to succeed in any environment.
  • What is MJF’s current status in AEW?
    • MJF is currently the AEW World Champion and remains a key figure in the promotion.
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