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Nick Gage: Deathmatch king talks possible match with Kenny Omega

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GCW Champion Nick Gage recently appeared on the Wrestling Delorean Podcast. The Deathmatch King discussed a number of topics during the interview, including having a potential match with AEW Champion Kenny Omega.

Nick Gage made his debut on All Elite Wrestling as part of this week’s episode of Dynamite. It was confirmed by MJF that Gage will be the next ‘Trial of Jericho’ and will face ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho on next week’s episode of the show.

‘Oh I have no problem facing Kenny Omega, but it would be in a deathmatch,’ Nick Gage began on the show, revealing what it would need to take for him to have a match with the All Elite Wrestling Champion.

Nick Gage on Kenny Omega

‘It wouldn’t be a regular match, ya know? He says he is the King of the Death match? Well lets go with real glass and real barbwire. You know what I mean? Lets go’ Gage continued, referring to the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Omega and Jon Moxley from AEW Revolution.

‘I seen clips of it,’ Gage revealed. ‘I thought it was ok. Something happened at the end. You talking about that exploding barbwire one? I don’t know what happened there, man, I don’t know man.”

“I just feel like they are using Hollywood glass and they are snipping the barbwire because any barbwire I been in or get hit with it I always get stuck in it” Nick Gage added.

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“So I always start bleeding and any glass I land in, my back starts slicing up, bleeding really bad. So for them not to have no blood on them, or blood just on their forehead, makes me second guess what they are using, ya know what I mean?” the GCW Champion would conclude.

Nick Gage will be defending his GCW Championship this weekend at the Homecoming event against Matt Cardona. It has been rumored that Kenny Omega may appear on the Sunday night event.

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