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Former WWE Superstar and ‘Next Brock Lesnar’ is STILL on the AEW roster despite rumours

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A prime example of the unpredictability in wrestling is the career trajectory of former WWE star Parker Boudreaux, who it appears is still signed by All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Despite the swirling rumours, Boudreaux remains a part of the AEW roster, as reported by Fightful Select, a fact that might come as a surprise to many fans.

Parker Boudreaux’s Journey from WWE to AEW

Parker Boudreaux’s wrestling career began with much fanfare in WWE, where his imposing physique and athletic prowess quickly earned him comparisons to Brock Lesnar, a legend in the industry.

However, in a turn of events that left many fans and pundits bewildered, WWE released Boudreaux from his contract in 2022.

This release, however, was not the end of the road for Boudreaux. In a swift rebound, he signed a deal with AEW in August of the same year, marking a new chapter in his wrestling career.

The Rise and Fall in AEW

Upon his arrival in All Elite Wrestling, Boudreaux joined forces with Swerve Strickland in the Mogul Affiliates faction. This alliance seemed to set the stage for Boudreaux’s ascent in AEDub.

However, the wrestling world is as much about alliances as it is about betrayals. In a shocking turn of events, Swerve Strickland ousted Boudreaux from the group, leading to his disappearance from AEW television. This development fuelled speculation about Boudreaux’s future in AEW.

The Current Status of Parker Boudreaux in AEW

Despite his absence from AEW TV, Parker Boudreaux is still listed on the AEW roster. This listing is significant, as it confirms that Boudreaux remains with the company, contrary to the rumours of his departure.

It’s important to note that roster listings are not always a definitive indicator of a wrestler’s status with a company. However, in Boudreaux’s case, it serves as a confirmation of his ongoing association with Tony Khan’s company.

The Misconceptions and Clarifications

Interestingly, Boudreaux was initially listed as a member of the “Mogul Embassy” on AEW’s roster page, a faction he never actually joined.

This error was recently rectified, removing any confusion regarding his affiliation in All Elite.

Prior to his time with the Mogul Affiliates, Boudreaux was part of the Trustbusters stable alongside Ari Daivari and Slim J.


  • Is Parker Boudreaux still with AEW? Yes, Parker Boudreaux is still listed on the roster, confirming his ongoing association with the company.
  • Why was Parker Boudreaux compared to Brock Lesnar? Boudreaux earned comparisons to Brock Lesnar due to his impressive physique and athletic abilities.
  • What happened to Parker Boudreaux in AEW? After joining the Mogul Affiliates faction, Boudreaux was ousted by Swerve Strickland and subsequently disappeared from TV.
  • Was Parker Boudreaux part of the Mogul Embassy? No, this was a listing error on AEW’s roster page. Boudreaux was never a part of the Mogul Embassy.
  • What is the future for Parker Boudreaux in AEW? Boudreaux’s future in AEW is currently uncertain, but fans are hopeful for his return to the spotlight.
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