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AEW star claims that company is ON THE SAME LEVEL as WWE

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the debate over which promotion reigns supreme is a constant topic of discussion among fans and insiders alike. Recently, the conversation took an interesting turn when AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs made a bold statement on the Chillin with ICE podcast.

Hobbs confidently placed All Elite Wrestling on an equal footing with the industry giant, WWE: “We’re on the same level as them [WWE], we’re their competitors. They’re on national TV and we’re on national TV, [and] we go head-to-head.

“We’re right on them. We’ve beaten them in ratings at times and we’re right there on their neck. There are two major companies in this business, and it’s WWE and AEW.”

AEW: Rising Presence in Professional Wrestling

Hobbs’ assertion is not without merit. All Elite Wrestling has indeed been making waves in the wrestling community, presenting itself as a formidable 2nd place to WWE.

With both promotions broadcasting on national television and occasionally going head-to-head in ratings, it’s clear that the upstart company has become a significant player in the industry.

The Competitive Edge of AEW

The wrestler’s comments highlight the competitive nature of the company and head Tony Khan. According to Hobbs, AEW is not just another wrestling promotion but a direct competitor that stands toe-to-toe with WWE.

This sentiment is echoed by many within AEW, who believe that their product offers a distinct flavour of wrestling, catering to a diverse audience.

AEW’s Talent and Fanbase

The strength of All Elite Wrestling also lies in its talent roster and the loyalty of its fanbase. Wrestlers like Powerhouse Hobbs and others bring a unique style and charisma to the ring, which has helped the company cultivate a dedicated following.

This, combined with strategic business moves and creative storytelling, has allowed AEW to carve out its niche in the wrestling world.

Ratings: A Measure of Success

Hobbs pointed out that AEW has, at times, surpassed WWE in television ratings. While ratings are a fluctuating measure and not the sole indicator of success, these victories are symbolic milestones for All Elite.

They serve as evidence that the promotion is capable of drawing in viewers and competing with WWE’s long-established audience.


  • Is AEW really on the same level as WWE?
    • According to AEW wrestler Powerhouse Hobbs, AEW competes on the same level as WWE, with both promotions having a strong presence on national television and in the wrestling community.
  • Has All Elite Wrestling ever beaten WWE in ratings?
    • Yes, AEW has beaten WWE in television ratings at times, which is seen as a significant achievement for the promotion.
  • What makes the company a competitor to WWE?
    • AEW’s competitive edge comes from its distinct wrestling style, dedicated fanbase, talented roster, and its ability to draw viewers on national television.
  • Should wrestling fans only watch one promotion?
    • Powerhouse Hobbs suggests that wrestling fans should watch all wrestling to appreciate the different “flavours” each promotion offers.
  • What does the future hold for AEW and WWE?
    • The future points towards intensifying competition, with AEW continuing to grow and challenge WWE’s dominance in the industry.
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