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AEW star confirms they have LEFT the company

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In a significant development in the world of professional wrestling, QT Marshall, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has announced his departure from the company.

Marshall, known for his multifaceted role in AEW, took to Twitter to confirm his resignation, marking the end of an era that began with the company’s inception.

Since the company’s launch in 2019, Marshall has been a pivotal figure, contributing not just as a wrestler but also behind the scenes. His roles have included Vice President, Manager of Talent Relations, and a key player in the creative process, having written over 750 formats for AEW’s programming.

Marshall’s statement on Twitter reflected a sense of gratitude and accomplishment. He thanked AEW and its president, Tony Khan, for the opportunities and experiences during his time with the company. Marshall’s departure is seen as a mutual recognition of the evolving directions of both his career and AEW.

The Changing Landscape of AEW

Marshall’s exit comes at a time when AEW is undergoing significant changes. Since its establishment, AEW has seen considerable growth and evolution, becoming a major player in the wrestling world.

This evolution has led to shifts in the company’s direction, personnel, and creative approach.

Marshall’s decision to part ways appears to be a response to these changes, as he seeks new challenges and opportunities in his career.

Marshall’s Legacy and Future Endeavours

QT Marshall’s legacy in AEW will be remembered for his versatility and dedication. As a head trainer at Cody Rhodes’ Nightmare Factory, he has also played a crucial role in nurturing new talent and contributing to the future of professional wrestling.

His departure raises questions about his next steps in the industry. Will he continue to work behind the scenes, or will he return to the ring in a different capacity? We’ll have to wait on that for now.

Impact on AEW and Professional Wrestling

Marshall’s departure is a significant moment for AEW. It highlights the dynamic nature of the wrestling industry, where changes are constant, and adaptability is key.

AEW’s ability to continue its upward trajectory will depend on how it manages such transitions and the new talents and ideas that emerge in the process.


  • Who is QT Marshall? QT Marshall is a professional wrestler and was a key figure in All Elite, involved in various roles including Vice President and Manager of Talent Relations.
  • Why did QT Marshall leave AEW? Marshall left AEW to pursue new directions in his career, in response to the changing landscape of the company.
  • What was QT Marshall’s role in AEW? Besides wrestling, he was involved in writing formats for AEW’s shows and played a significant role in talent management and creative processes.
  • What is the Nightmare Factory? The Nightmare Factory is a wrestling training facility co-founded by Cody Rhodes, where Marshall served as a head trainer.
  • What does QT Marshall’s departure mean for All Elite Wrestling? His departure signifies a period of transition for AEW, reflecting the evolving nature of the company and the professional wrestling industry.
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