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Fans CONCERNED after AEW star’s wife posts cryptic TikTok video

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In the world of professional wrestling, the lives of stars and their families often become a subject of public interest. Recently, Reby Hardy, the wife of AEW star Matt Hardy, posted a TikTok video that has sparked concerns among fans about the state of their marriage.

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The Hardy Family: A Brief Background of the AEW Couple

Matt and Reby Hardy have been a prominent couple in the wrestling community, happily married for over a decade.

They are parents to four children: Ever Moore, Bartholomew, Wolfgang, and Maxel. Their relationship, until now, has appeared to be stable and loving, both in public and on social media.

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The Cryptic TikTok Post

The video in question, posted by Reby Hardy, begins with a clip from December 31st, 2022, showing her with Matt and their children.

A voiceover in the clip optimistically states, “This year is gonna be my year, I can feel it.” However, the video then abruptly cuts to a photo of Reby sitting alone in a chair on January 1st, 2024, with the caption “Not My Year” written on the thumbnail.

This stark contrast has left fans puzzled and concerned.

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Fan Reactions and Speculations on the AEW Couple

The post quickly garnered attention, with fans expressing their worries and relating to the possible implications of marital troubles.

Reby responded to some comments, thanking people for their support, but did not clarify the situation. This lack of confirmation has only fueled further speculation about the status of her relationship with Matt Hardy.

The Current Status

As of now, there is no definitive information regarding the Hardys’ marriage.

The post has certainly captured the attention of fans and raised legitimate concerns about potential issues in their relationship.


  • Who are Matt and Reby Hardy? Matt Hardy is a well-known AEW wrestler, and Reby Hardy is his wife. They have been married for over a decade.
  • What was in the TikTok video posted by Reby Hardy? The video showed a clip of Reby with her family, followed by a photo of her alone, accompanied by a concerning caption.
  • Have the Hardys commented on the situation? As of now, there has been no clear statement from either Matt or Reby Hardy about the status of their marriage.
  • Why are fans concerned? The cryptic nature of the video and the lack of clarification have led fans to worry about potential issues in the Hardy’s marriage.
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