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Reby Hardy posts SHOCKING video amid Matt Hardy breakup rumours

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In a recent development that has caught the attention of wrestling fans worldwide, Reby Hardy, wife of wrestling star Matt Hardy, has posted a provocative video on TikTok, fuelling the ongoing rumours about their potential separation.

The couple, who have been married for a decade and share four children, are currently at the centre of speculation regarding the stability of their relationship.

Reby Hardy: The Edge Connection

In her latest TikTok post, Reby Hardy made a bold statement by wearing a vintage t-shirt of Adam Copeland, famously known as Edge in WWE.

This move is particularly significant given the history between Edge and Matt Hardy, which includes a well-known personal and professional rivalry stemming from a real-life incident involving Lita, Matt Hardy’s then-girlfriend.

A Bouquet of Roses and Ongoing Speculation

Adding to the intrigue, she recently revealed a bouquet of roses, supposedly an apology gift from Matt Hardy.

This gesture, alongside her cryptic social media posts, has led to increased speculation about the state of their marriage. Fans and followers are left wondering about the underlying message behind these actions and the future of the Hardy family.


  • What did Reby Hardy post on TikTok? Hardy posted a video wearing a vintage t-shirt of Edge, which is seen as a direct message to Matt.
  • Why is the Edge reference significant? Edge and Matt Hardy had a real-life feud in the past, making Reby’s choice of attire a pointed reference.
  • Have Matt and Reby Hardy separated? As of now, there is no official confirmation of their separation, but the rumours and Reby’s posts have fueled speculation.
  • How many children do Matt and Reby Hardy have? They have four children: Ever Moore, Bartholomew, Wolfgang, and Maxel.
  • What is the public reaction to this situation? The wrestling community is divided, with some speculating about a breakup and others hoping for reconciliation.
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