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AEW Champion had to DROP TITLE due to apparent visa issues

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Professional wrestling is a dynamic world where titles change hands, storylines evolve, and unexpected events can turn the tide in a matter of seconds. Recently, the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fanbase was taken by surprise when a title change occurred, not due to a scripted storyline, but because of real-world visa issues.

AEW’s International Title witnessed a significant change recently. The title, which was initially held by Jon Moxley, was supposed to be defended against Rey Fenix.

However, in a twist of fate, Moxley suffered an injury during their September bout. This unforeseen event led to an impromptu decision to change the match’s outcome.

The initial plans were for Moxley to reclaim the title on the October 10th episode of AEW Dynamite. But fate had other plans.

AEW International Title: The Unexpected Champion

On the day of the show, Moxley was not medically cleared to compete. This led to Orange Cassidy stepping in as a substitute.

Cassidy, who wasn’t the original contender for the title, went on to clinch the International Title.

It’s intriguing to note that the initial projections suggested that whoever squared off against Rey Fenix would have emerged victorious, even if Cassidy wasn’t the first choice.

Visa Issues Come to the Fore for an AEW Champion

Behind the scenes, there was a more complex issue brewing. Fightful Select highlighted that Fenix had to relinquish his title to Orange Cassidy due to visa complications.

This setback means that Fenix might not appear on AEW television for an unspecified duration.

Sources close to Fenix confirmed that he’s grappling with visa challenges, which led to the decision to transfer the International Title. This move was unexpected, especially since the title wasn’t initially intended for him.

The Silver Lining

While the visa issues are undoubtedly a setback for Fenix, it also provides him with an opportunity. He can utilise this time to recover from any lingering injuries and come back stronger.

Fenix’s value to the AEW roster is undeniable, and fans across the globe are eagerly awaiting his return.

As for Jon Moxley, he missed out on reclaiming the AEW International Title due to his medical condition. It remains to be seen when he’ll be medically cleared to return to the ring and possibly challenge Orange Cassidy for the title.


  • Why did Jon Moxley lose the AEW International Title?
    • Moxley initially lost the title due to an injury during a match against Rey Fenix.
  • Who replaced Jon Moxley in the title match on October 10th?
    • Orange Cassidy stepped in as a substitute for Moxley and went on to win the International Title.
  • Why couldn’t Rey Fenix defend his title?
    • Fenix faced visa issues, which prevented him from appearing on AEW television and defending his title.
  • What’s next for Fenix?
    • Fenix will be taking some time off from AEW due to his visa challenges. He will also use this period to recover from any injuries.
  • When will Jon Moxley return to challenge for the title?
    • It’s uncertain when Moxley will be medically cleared to return to the ring.
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