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Ric Flair: Former WWE writer believes he WILL wrestle in AEW

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In a recent revelation that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, former WWE writer Vince Russo expressed his belief that Ric Flair, the legendary “Nature Boy”, will make his in-ring return in AEW.

This bold prediction comes amidst speculations and whispers about Flair’s potential involvement in AEW’s upcoming events.

Sting’s AEW Journey: A Prelude to Ric Flair and an in-ring Return?

Sting, another wrestling icon, made his AEW debut in late 2020, marking his in-ring return at Revolution 2021. This was a significant moment, especially considering it came over five years after his last match with WWE in 2015.

Russo, however, voiced his reservations about Sting’s AEW stint. Speaking to WrestleBinge, he mentioned that Sting had already accomplished a lot in his illustrious wrestling career before signing with Tony Khan’s AEW.

Russo stated, “I was saying this all along as a fan and a friend, my God bro, he had nothing left to prove to anybody.” He further added that he wasn’t sure if Sting’s involvement in high-risk matches, reminiscent of Darby Allin’s style, was an attempt to resonate with a younger audience or to fit in with the AEW locker room.

In Russo’s eyes, Sting’s AEW journey might not have been necessary given his already legendary status in the wrestling world.

Ric Flair’s Potential Return: Russo’s Predictions

Building on the topic of wrestling legends in AEW, Russo dropped a bombshell by suggesting that Ric Flair’s in-ring return is on the horizon.

This speculation was fuelled by Tony Khan’s recent gesture, where he presented Flair as a ‘gift’ to Sting on an episode of Dynamite.

Russo’s excitement was palpable as claimed that he cannot see Tony Khan turning down the chance to do Ric Flair vs Sting one more time:

“Sting would have every reason in the world not to do it, bro. He’s not going to be able to say no. If you’re seeing Flair rubbing elbows with Tony Khan and in the same breath “I got one more,” that’s the one [against Sting].


  • Who is Vince Russo?
    • Vince Russo is a well-known figure in the professional wrestling industry, notable for his tenure with WWE as a writer and author.
  • When did Sting debut for AEW?
    • Sting made his AEW debut in late 2020 and wrestled at Revolution 2021.
  • What did Russo say about Sting’s AEW run?
    • Russo believes that while Sting is an icon with nothing left to prove, his AEW run might not have been necessary.
  • What are the speculations about Ric Flair’s return?
    • Vince Russo strongly believes that Ric Flair will make an in-ring return in AEW, potentially partnering with Sting.
  • How did Tony Khan surprise Sting on Dynamite?
    • Tony Khan presented Ric Flair as a ‘gift’ to Sting on a recent episode of Dynamite.
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