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Ric Flair: MAJOR backstage update on his AEW signing

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The wrestling world is reeling following the recent signing of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The Nature Boy didn’t just sign a contract; he also brought along his Woooo! Energy Drink as the official beverage of AEW, as reported by Fightful Select.

But what’s the real story behind this major move? Let’s delve into the details.

Ric Flair: The Nature Boy’s Lucrative Deal

Ric Flair’s association with AEW is reminiscent of another wrestling legend’s deal from the past. The Macho Man, in the mid-90s, had a similar arrangement with World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

The former WWF Champion’s deal was sweetened by sponsorship from Slim Jim, which covered a significant chunk of his WCW salary.

In a parallel fashion, Flair’s Wooooo! Energy Drink is believed to be covering a substantial part of his AEW earnings.

Merchandising: The Hidden Ace

Beyond the energy drink, there’s another significant aspect to Flair’s signing. AEW insiders have hinted that merchandising played a pivotal role in bringing Flair on board.

The Nature Boy, with his controversial but iconic status, could be a goldmine for AEW in terms of merchandising.

From video games and action figures to general merchandise, Flair’s presence could potentially boost AEW’s sales figures, but considering the scandals that have followed him over the last few years, it could also hurt the brand.

Flair’s AEW Debut

Fans were treated to a spectacle when Flair made his debut on the October 25th episode of AEW Dynamite. Flair assured wrestling legend Sting of his unwavering support for his final run during his debut segment on the show.


  • What is Ric Flair’s association with the Wooooo! Energy Drink?
    • Ric Flair’s Wooooo! Energy Drink is now the official beverage of AEW, and it’s believed to be covering a significant portion of his AEW salary.
  • How is Flair’s deal with AEW similar to a past wrestling deal?
    • Flair’s deal is reminiscent of Macho Man’s WCW deal in the mid-90s, where a sponsorship from Slim Jim covered a large part of his salary.
  • Did merchandising play a role in Flair’s signing?
    • Yes, insiders believe that the potential for merchandising, including video games, action figures, and general merchandise, was a key factor in Flair’s signing.
  • When did Ric Flair debut for AEW?
    • Ric Flair debuted for AEW on the October 25th edition of AEW Dynamite.
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