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AEW Champion REACTS to CM Punk Returning to WWE

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In a surprising turn of events, CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, made his much-anticipated return to WWE at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event.

This move, which came as a shock to many, has garnered reactions from various quarters, including those from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Among the most notable reactions is that of Ricky Starks, one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Ricky Starks, who has shared the locker room with CM Punk in AEW, took to social media to express his sentiments. In an Instagram story, Starks posted a photo of himself and Punk in the ring, accompanied by a caption that read, “Public flowers for you man, CM Punk. Thank you.”

The Impact of CM Punk and his WWE Return

CM Punk’s return to WWE is not just a significant moment for him but also for the wrestling industry as a whole. His decision to rejoin WWE finalised merely hours before the Survivor Series, has sent ripples through the wrestling community.

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike have been eagerly discussing the implications of this move, with many speculating about potential matchups and storylines.

AEW: Reaction to Punk’s Departure

While AEW has not officially commented on Punk’s departure, the reaction from its wrestlers, like Ricky Starks, indicates a sense of respect and professional camaraderie.

Starks’ response, in particular, sheds light on the personal connections that form between wrestlers, regardless of the promotions they work for.

The Future of AEW and WWE Relations

Starks, currently holding the AEW World Tag Team Championship with Big Bill, remains a pivotal figure in AEW. His reaction to Punk’s WWE return raises questions about the future dynamics between AEW and WWE.

With Starks being close to other prominent wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, his response could potentially open doors for more inter-promotional interactions and discussions.


  • What did Ricky Starks say about CM Punk’s return to WWE?
    • Ricky Starks posted an Instagram story with a photo of himself and CM Punk, captioned with a message of thanks and respect.
  • How did CM Punk’s return to WWE happen?
    • CM Punk’s return to WWE was finalized on the day of the Survivor Series, marking a significant and surprising move in his career.
  • What is the significance of Starks’ reaction?
    • Starks’ reaction signifies the mutual respect and professional regard that exists between wrestlers, regardless of their promotion affiliations.
  • Is Ricky Starks still with All Elite Wrestling?
    • Yes, Ricky Starks is currently an AEW World Tag Team Champion and a prominent figure in AEW.
  • Could Starks’ reaction influence AEW and WWE relations?
    • While it’s speculative, Starks’ respectful acknowledgment of Punk’s move could potentially open discussions for more inter-promotional interactions in the future.
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